Author ImageMary Atwood


is an award winning

and internationally exhibited  

fine art photographer 

and published author

based in Jacksonville, Florida. 


Mary’s artistic approach

is based on the idea

that the image

she produces with her camera

is only a starting point,

and that the ultimate destination

for each image

is a unique journey to be explored.

You are invited to join her on that journey

by selecting from the tabs above to view her work.


Artist’s Statement


A good photograph has the ability to

speak a silent language,

yet still leaves much for the viewer to interpret.

I see my camera as an extension of

not only my eyes but also of my heart.

My artwork serves as my silent voice.

The pieces I create allow me to speak of

my world without the use of words.


The artwork I create is my attempt to express “my vision” – a visual manifestation of lessons learned from what I see in the world around me. I believe there is a significant difference between looking and seeing; looking is an instinctive act, while truly “seeing” is much more of a skill.   I also believe that every person “sees” things from a unique perspective, which is influenced by their own life experiences. My challenge as a photographer is to see, but my challenge as an artist lies in creating works which give the viewer an opportunity to share what I see. Much of my work has a personal story attached to it.  I am sometimes able to put that story into a single word – a “visual verb” which describes what I am hoping to express with that particular image.   Frequent topics for my work would include love, family, nature, and connective spirituality.


As the daughter of a World War II military photographer, I grew up with a camera in hand.  My first memories of taking photographs are of using a Kodak Brownie during a family vacation on the “downeast coast” of Maine when I was only six years old.  From there, my experiences involved learning to use a wide variety of camera equipment from Polaroids to Hasselblads and just about everything in between.  I currently take all of my photographs with a Nikon D300.

My love of photography as a form of historical record and reflection is the direct result of having grown up in a home where both photographic journalism and fine art photography were valued.  Certain images (such as some of the Pulitzer Prize winners) had a distinct influence on how I came to view the world in my developing years.  Additionally, my love of nature was heightened because such diverse works as the scientific photographs produced by the Apollo astronauts’ and the artistic works of Ansel Adams.   If I am someday able to have even one of my images affect someone in a similar way, then I will consider my pursuits as a photographic artist to have been successful.

Contact Info

 Prints may be custom produced in a variety of sizes per your request and are also available on a variety of substrates including canvas. They may be purchased unmounted or mounted and matted in your choice of conservation or archival  materials. Prices begin at $40 and will vary, depending upon your requirements and budget.


Please contact me to discuss which pieces???????????????????????????????

you would like to own

and how I can

make it happen for you.

I can be reached
via email at:

 If you would prefer to discuss details over the phone, please contact me at 904-424-0522.