The 3-D Works

Can’t See the Forest

An assemblage which speaks of the often overlooked matters of the heart, which become lost as we struggle to make sense of the tangled lives we live.

Can't See the Forest


Heart of a Hundred Tears

An assemblage which contains a suspended heart created from exactly 100 teardrop shaped beads.

Heart of a Hundred Tears


Mood Swings

A collaborative created by pARTners Mary Atwood and Jim Smith

For the Patrons of the Hearts event this year, each participating artist was asked to use a piece of wood in their work that represented the word “swing”.  Jim and I decided to take a slightly different approach which also incorporates matters of the heart, and with the theme of MOOD SWINGS.

We felt that using this theme would allow us to tap into a wide variety of references which apply to not only to the physical but also the emotional aspects of heart related matters.

There is a lot of sophisticated imagery which deals with duality in our piece.  We hope viewers catch the optical illusion created by the careful use of screening and the subtle references to looking beyond the surface to see the hidden inner aspects of emotion.  The use of black and white alludes to medical imaging technology as well as the formal attire which is worn by those attending the event.  Application of the “love related” words was done in such a way as to conceal the opposing words which were placed on each side so they would correspond to the height of each swing.

The overall effect is one which allows viewers to decide for themselves which message they choose to see.

Caution! Prolonged Exposure Can Cause Scarring!

An installation by pARTners Mary Atwood and Jim Smith

The concept behind our piece was that love is the greatest biohazard known to man.  When we “fall in love” our brains are flooded with unusual amounts of some chemicals and hormonal activity, which interferes with our decision making processes.

This confused condition can easily lead usually smart people to sometimes do stupid things.  This, in turn, creates emotional stress.  Acute emotional stress is one of the leading causes ofleft ventricular contractile dysfunction, myocardial ischemia, or disturbances of cardiac rhythm.

Thus, the main focus of our work was “broken hearts” and why they occur.

We created a “biohazard containment unit” which allowed for interaction, a “chemistry” display of the various chemicals and hormones associated with “love”, and engaged our visitors in discussions on the topics of love, heartbreak, brain chemistry, and hormonal influences on human behavior.